(This only applies to a few people…to the Fans we love you!) This topic seemed appropriate due to the first ever lifetime ban ever handed out.  Here is the deal people, clearly if you don’t understand KeelandFlo.com then the point is lost on you.  We are not here to make money and are clearly not here for the fame so quit acting like morons.  We are two dudes that love to have a good time and are trying to do some good (breastmilkproject.org) at the same time.  The fact that you are busting our balls each day by saying that our website “never gets updated” or “is boring” is a win in my book because you are checking it out so much that you are actually aware I update this when I finally sit down from all the busy PR work I do.  Now most of you love the site, recommend it to others, rock the “merch”, and love what we are doing so for you guys we have nothing but love.  However, it is always some confused “hater” who would never in a million years have the balls or the humor to start up a site like KeelandFlo.com.  

    Big picture…we are so random…always have a great time…and are going to keep rocking until the wheels fall off!  To the fans you are the best! – Keel

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