People who wear their bluetooth headsets everywhere

First off I want to apologize to everyone for taking such a long break from my Rant Page.   I assure you that it has not been due to a lack of crap to rant about, it was the recent purchase of my new legit dog “Buster” and the constant attention he is requiring.  I could honestly create several rants about him including the following titles “why do you stare at my when you piss on the carpet,” “what the hell did you eat that makes it smell like that,” and “please go to bed it is 3am and I have to be up in 3 hours…you a**hole.”  He is cool as hell just a puppy.
Ok, apology complete…lets get back to the task at hand…the person that has been tormenting me for well over a year – The Constant Bluetooth headset wearer.
I ranted so hard on this one that I had to shorten it.  Here is the overall point:  outside of actually driving your car there is no f**king reason on God’s green Earth why you should have your Bluetooth headset jammed into your skull.  You are not that important first off to have to take constant calls all day, and most of you just leave them in while you go to the grocery store, or into restaurants.  I even saw one reject with his Bluetooth in while he was attempting to lift weights.   What ever happened to the days of putting you cell phone in your pocket or being like the “Creeper” who always clips his blackberry to his belt like he is a doctor who may need to rush to the E.R.  People, your Bluetooth doesn’t even have a caller ID so odds are you are going to pull your phone out of your pocket to see who it is before you answer anyway now completely defeating the purpose of your dumb ass wearing the thing all day.  That is basically like taking you cell phone and duct taping it to your ear.
I saw one guy in a restaurant on a date with his Bluetooth in the entire time.  I didn’t hear a word he said, but I am pretty sure I can summarize the reason he went home alone.  Guys, nothing is less romantic than having your Bluetooth on during the entire date basically informing the chick that any call you may receive is more important than anything she has to say.  There are probably countless reasons why this dude was single, but at least we have put our finger on one.
I hope we find soon find out that Bluetooth headsets are medically horrible for us so we can go back to the good old days of not being so God damn lazy and actually use some energy to hold our phones to our ears.  As a society we are so lazy already what is next…hands free eating.
Big Picture:  Leave the Bluetooth in the car and use your phone the rest of the time.  Maybe this way you won’t walk around looking like an idiot for talking to yourself…and if you think you are important enough to wear it all day, then your are important enough to get an assistant and make his ass wear it. – until next time – Keel

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